The Blue Oceans

Air Papan. Picturesque Scenery

Air Papan 
                   For the local people in Johor, Air Papan is one of the renowned places for people who like to spend their leisure times for picnic. It has become people attraction since late 90’s. Air Papan located 15km to the North of Mersing and only about one and half hour from Johor Bahru .You will not feel exhausted by your long journey as Air Papan promised enjoyable and full of relaxation holiday for you.  There will be lot of local visitors and foreigner at Air Papan on 1st of May. This is the date where the ‘Pesta Air Papan’ will be held and they will come and celebrate to experience this fascinating moment. So if you are a beachcomber and you have not been here yet, what are you waiting for? Plan your holiday and add Air Papan as your place to visit list for your holiday! Not to forget to check out the low prices chalets there for reservation!  For a reservation check this website and also search others on the websites.
Chalet at Air Papan

Desaru Beach. Magnificients Sunset

Lotus Desaru Beach Resort
                Looking for fun trips with your friends or places for weekend getaway? Choose Desaru Beach for your next beautiful ocean to visit. This beach becomes one of the attractions in Johor. Fringed by the palm trees and casuarinas and with over 25 kilometres white sandy beaches it is such a worthy visit for family and colleagues. At Desaru Beach, visitors not only experienced the freshness of the water, but they can look after myriad amusing activities such as, water-skiing, canoeing, wind-surfing and sailing. Furthermore, for the accommodation, Desaru Beach provides you decent places to stay like dormitories, hotels, budget chalet and also camp sites. It also has been known for its Country Club Resort and luxurious Desaru Golf. Good news for Singaporean visitors, there is ferry service from Changi point to Tanjong Belungkor, where the transport to Desaru can be arranged. For Johorean, Desaru is easily accessible via public transportation from Johor Bahru, Kota Tinggi and Tanjung Belungkor. Visitors can check this website out for the five stars night.

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