Sunday, 30 September 2012


              This blog is created as to fulfill my assignment of Digital Mobile and Communication subject. The task is to create the blog and choose the topic given about Malaysia. I had chose interesting places to visit in Johor as my main topic. I had listed out the content which are, the historic places in Johor, the joys park, the food paradises, the picturesque scenery of the ocean in Johor. The blog main objectives are:

  1. To introduce the blog readers to the interesting places in Johor.
  2. To educate people about the history of Johor.
  3. To preserve the historic places in Johor.
  4.  To expose the reader to the picturesque oceans in Johor.
  5. To make the readers especially for the foreigners easy to find the information about the interesting places in Johor.
May with this blog will help the public to get to know the interesting places in Johor and make their plan for holiday to Johor become much easier as this blog will guide them to find out more about the fascinating places in Johor and have a enjoyable holiday in the future.