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Muzium Kota Johor Lama

Muzium Kota Johor Lma is the museum which had been located under the governance of Malysia Museum Department. This museum was built starting from august 2004 and fully construct on Fberuary 2007. This museum had been open to the public on October 2007. The design  of this museum is based on the malay traditional house design. This is the good place for students and history lovers as it helps to educate and shows the clear picture about the role of Kota Johor Lama which had known as the centre of governance for the Mlaya government after the fallen of Empire of Malacca in 1511. The partition is  being divided into numerous segement starting from Kota Johor Lama until the archaeology researches sites that had being done here as this place had left lots of historic and vital memory for the citizens in Malaysia especially for Johorian.

Business Hours:

Monday- Sunday: 9.00 am – 6.00 pm
It will close on the day first of Eid Aildilfitri and Aidiladha celebration. The entrance fee is FREE!!!

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