Sultan Abu Bakar
The origin name for Johor was taken from the Arabic word ‘Jauhar’ which means ‘Permata Berharga’. The Arabic influenced the life of the people here. Most of them come to this land as the herb trader that is eminent business at those times. The modern history of Johor began under the supremacy of Sultan Abu Bakar. He had been appointed as a Sultan in 1866 and had hold ‘Seri Maharaja Johor’ title. Sultan Abu Bakar had introduced the . The movement of the central of administration of Johor from Teluk Belanga to Tanjung Puteri in 1841 gave a huge impact for Johor especially in term of the state’s development. Lots of government buildings, police stations, courts and big palace had been built to prove that Sultan Abu Bakar is the right person to receive the title ‘Father of Johor's Development’. Now, Johor which is bounded by Malacca, Pahang and Singapore is one of the states that are rapidly growing and most progressive state in Malaysia.

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